Residential AV Solutions

Bring Your Home to Life

15 years in the field has granted us a whole host of experiences, making us your ideal choice to handle anything you can throw at us. Did another company tell you they could do it, BUT… Well, not us! We figure out the optimal layout to make your visions a reality.

A Few Ideas on How We Can Upgrade Your Home

Outdoor AV Solutions

Now your cool new Smart Home is all well and good, but who wants to be stuck in the house all the time? Outdoor entertainment is almost as limitless as your imagination. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to tunes while sitting around a fire pit on a cool evening? Traditional outdoor speakers can be placed expertly outside your home and controlled with ease right from your phone. Or better yet, make the ultimate party playlist for your BBQ pool party and let it ride! Speakers disguised as rocks blend into the landscaping seamlessly to provide just the right volume of music for your get together. But outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop there! Televisions nowadays are made to specifically withstand the challenges of sunshine and moisture, and we’ve hung a lot of them!

Thinking Bigger?

Maybe you’ve got the space to build that home theatre you’ve always dreamed about! Be it a big screen television or a projector and screen, we’ll get you set up. You just supply the popcorn! Alright, realistically not all of us can have a movie theatre in our house. But that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy watching a movie in the comforts of your own home. A television as big as your wall can hold with a high-level surround sound system is the next best thing, and we can make you feel as though you drove to the local movie theatre, struggled to find parking, and paid $13.75 per ticket!

Connect to Your Home Wirelessly

This day and age everyone is on the internet. You’re on the internet right now! And chances are, you’re browsing the net wirelessly. But what’s worse than needing to connect and you’re sitting in a dead zone without service? Wireless networking makes sure you have coverage in every corner of your home. Stay connected from your couch in the basement to your teen’s room all the way upstairs!