Commercial AV Solutions

Whether Your Business Is Just Starting out in a New Location or Is in Desperate Need of an AV Update, We’ve Got You Covered

Make Your Wire Rack a Thing of Beauty

Running structured wiring in the construction phase is the ideal situation for an installer, but we’re more than adept at retrofitting wires through existing walls and ceilings, all while your office continues on with their daily workload. Cable, phone, and network wiring are run to any location you need and ends in a streamline rack that is meticulously situated. The rack is the hub of your office’s technological backbone and we take great care to organize and situate this foundation for continued undisturbed performance. You won’t believe the difference a few hours of attention to detail will make!

Keep an Eye on Things from Anywhere

Most businesses require a level of security for their clients and staff. Cameras and access control can offer you that feeling of protection. Depending on your needs, we can place as many cameras as you require. A surveillance system allows you to monitor the goings on in your business, even from your own home! The access control system enables only those permitted to gain access using electronic personalized key cards. Know who’s coming and going, and when!

Video Conference Around the Globe

Does your business conduct video conferencing with fellow employees at a different locations, maybe even across the globe? State of the art telecommunication equipment allows you to talk to anyone as if they were in the same room with you. A push of a button toggles between having a live conversation and checking the local cable news network for the latest market projections.

Show Off Your Work in Style

Screens can be lowered from the ceiling automatically and the campaign your team has been working on can be projected for everyone to see simply using a thumb drive plugged into a computer in front of them. Everyone in the room can now see what you worked so hard on, but can they hear you? Hand held or lapel microphones broadcast you over strategically placed speakers for optimal range.